Executive Education

SEBA has an EDP Centre to promote executive education. The EDP centre’s mission is to serve the business world and promote interactions between faculty and industry.

EDP center of SEBA provides two types of non-degree programs: one is comprehensive executive training program and the other is tailored training program for different organizations.

In addition to the availability of excellent SEBA faculty members equipped with profound academic backgrounds and extensive business experience, the EDP Center has also employed a great number of excellent business leaders and faculty members from both China and overseas for course delivery, aiming to provide perspective, customized and complementary management knowledge for students, help them expand international horizons, increase local wisdom, update thinking modes and reinforce leadership, while providing a platform for their lifelong learning and career development.

In these five year, EDP center of the School continuously develops new programs and innovates marketing and teaching methods to enhance the quality of all training programs.

Every year, nearly 4000 executives and management talents coming from large and medium size companies and government departments attended the training programs of the Center.

These students come from more than 20 provincial areas of China and mainly from West China including Chongqing, Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang etc. Through contact study, case study and group project in classes, outdoor leadership training programs, site visits and international study tour to Japan, US and Europe, 
the students update their perceptions and insights of business here and make a good preparation for future challenges. According to the survey of attendees and their employers, the EDP center has built a good reputation, especially in Chinese domestic market.


Learning Goals of EDP

The learning goals of EDP have been revised for alignment with SEBA's vision and mission as follows:

Learning Goals of EDP

Goal 1

Help students to continuously update the most advanced management concepts and tools and bring a global vision and the best local practice of business management to them.

Goal 2

Help students to update management thinking modes and improve their comprehensive management abilities, leadership abilities and decision-making abilities.

Goal 3

Help students to solve specific business management problems and make use of the school’s discipline advantages and alumni resources to seek business opportunities.



Selected Programs and Clients

In the latest five years, the selected programmes are listed below:

   •  Programme for Chongqing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission

   •  Programme for Gree Electric Appliances Inc.

   •  Programme for Chongqing Sanxia Guarantee Group Corporation

   •  Programme for Guizhou Xijiu Co.


Five selected clients are listed below:

   •  China PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited

   •  Chongqing Sanxia Guarantee Group Corporation

   •  Yunan Provincial Kunming Local Taxation Bureau

   •  Chongqing Agriculture Committee

   •  Chongqing Construction Engineering Building Materials & Logistics Co.,Ltd