MPAcc Program



In April 2004 our university was authorized to launch the MPAcc Program, which formally started to enroll in July 2004. The program is focused on enrolling high-quality students in Chongqing and surrounding areas through media advertising, recommendations from government departments and direct promotion among large and medium-sized enterprises.


Learning Goals

The learning goals of the MPAcc Program are highly aligned with the school's mission "To build a global vision with local relevance, to develop new management knowledge and cultivate outstanding talents" as follows:

Learning Goals

Goal   1 Our graduates will have good professional ethics in accounting.
Goal   2 Our graduates will have a global vision, strategic consciousness and leadership capability.
Goal   3 Our graduates will have the ability to use the accounting theory to identify and analyze problems.
Goal   4 Our graduates will have the ability to use the advanced methodology and technology to resolve practical accounting issues.
Goal   5 Our graduates will have good teamwork and communication skills.


Core Courses

Business & Accounting English

Advanced Financial Accounting Theory & Practice

Advanced Financial Management Theory & Practice

Advanced Management Accounting Theory & Practice

Advanced Auditing Theory & Practice

Business & Accounting Ethics

Financial Markets & Financial Instruments

Strategic Management