Operation procedures and guidelines of MBA thesis oral defence, as well as the MIS system

一、Submission of the "thesis opening report"
1、Determine thesis topics at the middle of the third semester, and finish the submission of the "thesis opening report" in the "MIS system of Post Graduate School". The "thesis opening report" is compose of two parts: work out the report and plan, submit the report and plan.
(1) In the term of "work out the report and plan", you must finish every item, otherwise it will be the invalid plan, and you need to do it again.
(2) In the term of "prove record of thesis opening report", it concludes time, venue, supervisor and students, questions and answers etc., please finish it in order. (ps: the describe of the questions and answers, it should be in Q&A form.)
(3) In the term of "work out the plan", the plan concludes all the thesis work, and the thesis work time should more than one year.The concrete work starts from the prepare work of literature to the thesis oral defence, the thesis planning is necessary.
(4) In the term of "literatures", you should read more than 30 literatures, and the foreign literatures should take up 1/3.
(5) After you finish all the upper steps, please click "submit".

二、Submission of the "academic report".
One month before the oral defence, you should submit the "academic report" in the MIS system. MBA students only need to finish "the record of report listening", not the "personal academic report making", and the click "accomplishment". "The record of report listening" should have more than five parts. (report title, reporter, time, venue, feelings etc.) After you finish all the steps, click "submit" and then print it.
(Please do remember to click submit in "report state", otherwise the system can not save it.)
After you finish the upper two steps, the students who both finalize thesis and finish the MIS system, please send the final thesis to the printing room of Post Graduate School, to examine the form of thesis, and then hand two of them to MBA office without the signature of supervisor, otherwise it is invalid.

Before one week of the submission of the thesis, please must finish the following procedures in the MIS system.
1、Submission of the "information affirmation before thesis oral defence"
2、"Thesis assessed by professors from SEBA and other schools by draw lots":
(There are two kinds of it: draw lots in Post Graduate School and in SEBA. MBA students do not need to do it in the system, if you are drawn by the CQU, your thesis will take part in the assessment both by SEBA and CQU.
3、Submission of the "qualification application on preview of oral defence".
4、Submission of the "application of the oral defence":
Only you submit the qualification application on preview of oral defence, and approved by your supervisors, SEBA, then you can get the new file-"collection of the application materials of oral defence", and then you can finish the application of the oral defence in it and submit it.
5、Submission of the "supervisors' academic assessment":
After you submit the application of the oral defence, the supervisors will submit it in the MIS system. Please remind your supervisors to submit it in time.

After you finish all the upper steps, please come to MBA office to get the oral defence registration and also submit two pieces of standard thesis. (you can get the standard form in the printing room of Post Graduate School.)


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