明尼苏达大学Liu De 教授讲座预告

明尼苏达大学Liu De 教授讲座预告

时间:2018 年 7 月 3 日 9:30--11:30



主持人:徐鸿雁 教授

Economic Analysis of Reward Advertising

主讲人:Liu De

This paper investigates an emerging monetization mechanism for app developers – reward advertising. With reward ads, consumers have an option to view ads in exchange for a reward such as premium content. We investigate when and how an app developer should adopt reward ads as a mechanism for monetizing content. We identify two determinants – the revenue rate of the ads and the heterogeneity of consumers’ nuisance costs of viewing ads. When the ad revenue rate is low relative to consumers’ nuisance cost, the app developer should rely on content selling and not offer reward ads (i.e., the pure content-selling strategy). Otherwise, it is profitable for the app developer to offer reward ads alone (the pure reward-advertising strategy) or in combination with content selling (the hybrid strategy). When reward ads are offered, the hybrid strategy is more profitable if consumers are highly heterogeneous in nuisance costs; otherwise, the pure reward-advertising strategy is more profitable.


刘德博士, 明尼苏达大学卡尔森管理学院信息与决策科学系副教授(终身制)。其研究兴趣包括:网上拍卖与竞赛的经济分析 (Economics of Internet Auctions and contests)、数字健康与学习 (Gamification in digital Health and Learning)、社交媒体和社交商务 (Social Media and Social Commerce)、众筹与互联网金融 (Crowdfunding and Internet Finance) 等。有多项研究工作发表在《Information Systems Research》、《MIS Quarterly》、《Journal of Marketing》和《Journal of Marketing Research》等信息系统领域或市场营销领域的国际顶级期刊上。


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