Our School Received a Number of Major State-level Key scientific Research Projects in 2015

In 2015,our school has made another big leap by acquiring one major project of the National Social Science Fund, two key projects of the National Social Science Fund, and one general project of the National Social Science Fund, five projects of National Social Science Fund, two projects of Fund for Young Researchers, reflecting an upgrade of our team competence to acquire state level projects, enhancing the construction of first-class disciplines in our school.

Prof. Dan Bin in our school as the chief bidding expert, “Research on Promotion of Supply Chain Channel for ‘Internet + ’Fresh Agricultural Products” was listed as a major project of National Social Science Fund. The other two key projects of the Fund are “Upgrade and Innovation Mechanism Research on Chinese Energy Development and Application” by Prof. Yang Jun’s, “Research on the Cooperative Path of the Evolution of Network Borrowing and the Financing of Small & Medium - sized Enterprises under the New Financial Normal Status” by Associate Prof. Pi Tianlei.

In 2015,the two general projects of National Social Science Fund are “Mechanism Research on the Balanced Allocation of Financial Resources in the Process of Industrial Structure Upgrading” by Prof. Ran Maosheng, and “Management Mechanism Study on Intellectual Property Conflicts concerning the Stability of Cooperative Innovation Alliance of Industry, Education and Research” by Associate Prof. Wu Ying. The five projects of National Natural Science Foundation are “Quota Rules and Pricing Mechanism Design of Urban and Rural Construction Land” by Prof. Meng Weidong, “Research on Supply Chain Cooperation Strategy and Coordination Mechanism under O2O / OAO Mode” by Prof. Zhang Xumei, “Research on Equity Financing of Growing Enterprises Based on Robust Risk Management of Supply Chain” by Prof. Yu Hui, “Religious Tradition, Recessive Rules and Corporate Non-ethical Behavior: A Study Based on Informal Institutional Perspective” by Prof. Xu Xixiong, and the last is “Consumer Heterogeneity-Based Research on the Risk Management Strategy of Manufacturing Outsourcing” by Associate Prof. He Bo. The two approved projects of Young Scientists Fund are The “Downward Infiltration Effect of Small Business Leaders and the Multi-layer Effects on Organizations and Employees” by Dr. Zhang Cuilian, and the last being “MLP-ANT Model-Based Study on Dynamic Incentive System of Cross-boundary Compensation and Coordination Management” by Dr. Lin Jianyi.

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