Dr. Cheng Aihua Published Academic Paper on “Journal of International Business Studies”

As the correspondence co-author, Dr. Chen Aihua from our school, together with Prof. Ma Li and Zhang Zhixue from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, published their joint research paper, “Task Success Based on Contingency Fit of Managerial Culture and Embeddedness”, on ”Journal of International Business Studies”(JIBS in short), vol. 47 in February 2016. The article focuses on the research unit of corporate internal management, which is an important innovation for cross-cultural management research.

The study was originally initiated from a visit, archive reading, and discussion in a coastal Japanese enterprise in early 2010. The authors conducted follow-up interviews with many managers from the same company. Later in 2012 the paper was reported on IACMR conference in Hong Kong. Feedback of trainees from various training programs was collected afterwards. The official publication of this paper marks a significant research improvement in organization management, an important research achievement from our school.

“Journal of International Business Studies” is the official academic periodical of Academy of International Business (AIB), recognized as a global top journal for international business research. The journal is dedicated to improving theoretical research concerning international business, teaching quality of education institutions, and management efficiency of business circles, mainly publishing articles with significance to theory foundation of business and management. It is one of the 45 top journals of economics and management listed by “Financial Times”

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