Dr. Zhou Yu Published a Paper on Top Journal of Decision-making Sciences

As the correspondence author, Dr. Zhou Yu from our school published a paper, entitled “Does the Entry of Third-party Remanufacturers always Hurt Original Equipment Manufacturers”, on the top journal “Decision Sciences” No.4, Vol. 47 (P762- P780) in 2016. Established in 1970, “Decision Sciences” is the academic journal of American Decision-making Association. Since its publication, the annual number of published papers has been smaller than 30, and it is accepted as a global top journal of decision-making sciences. This is the 2nd time for research from our school to get published by the journal, marking a significant improvement of our research influence and competitiveness in international academic circles.

Dr. Zhou Yu's research work reveals the uniqueness of enterprise market competition mechanism in the re-manufacturing closed-loop supply chain. Remanufacturing is a more environment-friendly and advanced production model, and governments around the world strongly support the development of remanufacturing industry. However, due to the erosion of re-manufacturing on new product sales profits, third-party re-manufacturing damaging the interests of original equipment manufacturers becomes a consensus from academic circles and industries from home and abroad. In fact, manufacturers continue to suppress third-party re-manufacturing for their own interests in market competition.

Based on the latest consumer behavior experiments, Dr. Zhou Yu's research introduces newly-oriented consumers to the model of re-manufacturing closed-loop supply chain management, and further mathematic model analysis reveals that entry of the third-party manufacturers may increase manufacturer’s profits, challenging traditional academic views from home and abroad regarding market competition. That provides a new perspective for new relations between third-party manufacturing and original equipment manufacturers,helping avoid manufacturers’ blind suppression on third-party remanufacturing, promoting collaboration between manufacturers and the third-party, accelerating the development of re-manufacturing industry

Dr. Wu Xiaole is a co-author of this paper; the research was funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China,as well as Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Project of Ministry of Education

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