SEBA Passed AMBA International Accreditation with Honors

On November 20, 2013, SEBA received a formal notice and congratulatory letter from the headquarters of the AMBA (The Association of MBAs) to congratulate SEBA on the successful completion of the AMBA international accreditation and achieved the best result for five-year accreditation. Till then, our School had accomplished the accreditation of AMBA, receiving the first authoritative accreditation of international business schools.

AMBA is one of the three authoritative accreditations for international business schools (the other two being AACSB and EQUIS). Up to now, only 200 global business schools have passed AMBA accreditation, of which the major objective is to help construction through accreditation. Its 150 quantitative and qualitative indicators during accreditation put forward overall and sustainable development requirements for business schools from perspectives of strategic planning, talent cultivation, scientific research, team building, internationalization, social service etc. The entire process helps to upgrade education quality of MBA/EMBA programs, providing critical opportunities for business schools to be integrated into tier-one global business schools.

In mid-September this year, four experts from AMBA international accreditation panel visited our school, conducting a site inspection and assessment. The experts are vice president of Kingston University Prof. Martyn Jones, Chief expert of AMBA in China, Prof. Wang Chongmin from SEBA of Zhejiang University, and accreditation manager of AMBA George Iliev. During the visit, president of Chongqing University Prof. Zhou Xuhong and vice president Huang Zongming met the panel of experts, introduced overall university status and strong support for AMBA accreditation, and discussed related issues. Later, the experts also visited University History Museum, library, old and new campuses. Through the two-day field study, listening to reports and exchanging with teachers, students, the expert panel conducted a comprehensive assessment of our school. At the AMBA accreditation feedback meeting on the afternoon of September 17, the experts fully affirmed all aspects of our work, especially praising university support to AMBA accreditation work, great importance attached to AMBA accreditation work by SEBA, school teams' rich research results and satisfactory conditions for research and teaching. Meanwhile, valuable advice on improvement of MBA/EMBA programs was put forward. At last, the panel unanimously confirmed that our school passed accreditation and was granted a 5-year certificate, the best result granted by AMBA. After the accreditation, SEBA officially has become a member of AMBA family. At the annual meeting of the AMBA of Asia-Pacific Region held in late November of this year, the chairman of the AMBA agency shall formally issue a certificate of accreditation to our school.

To carry out AMBA international accreditation is an important strategy for internationalization of our school. SEBA successfully passed AMBA international accreditation with honors this time, enhancing development confidence of the school. Joining in the international exchange platform, AMBA provides a good opportunity to promote internationalization, and comprehensively enhance education quality of our school in the future.

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