Mission and Vision

Value:Integrity and Sincerity, Dedication and Diligence
              Collaboration and Openness, Innovation and Ambition

Vision:   To Be a Western-leading, Domestic First-class Business School in China

Mission: To Build a Global Vision and Stick to Local Practice
               To Develop New Management Knowledge and Cultivate Outstanding Talents

The mission of Chongqing University (CQU) is to “Conduct Research, Cultivate Talents, Serve the Community and Promote Social Development”. The School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA) developed its mission based on CQU’s mission, the position and history of the School, the trends in education and the social needs. SEBA, after a thorough discussion with the faculty, students and alumni, has formulated its mission as: “To build a global vision and stick to local practice, to develop new management knowledge and cultivate outstanding talents.”
The past 75 years witnessed a glorious history for the School and today SEBA still sees it shining brightly, due to its strategic role in shaping business education in China and its leading position as a business school in Southwest China.
China today is undergoing an in-depth reform and opening-up and a speedy integration with the global economy. Accordingly, business education in China is required to achieve internationalization and nationalization at the same time. For this reason, it is necessary for our business school, together with other leading business schools, to take on the historic task of combining internationalization with localization in business education, while developing on its strengths and fulfilling its mission to “build a global vision and stick to local practice”.
Situated in Chongqing municipality, an important industrial and commercial center in southwest China, the business school, even though at disadvantage in terms of location due to its great distance from the more developed coastal areas, it enjoys the distinct advantage of being a bridge between the east and the west of China. Moreover, faced with the situation that MBA education resources in these area severely lags behind the fast growing market demand, our School enjoys greater opportunities for development and a more favorable market positioning compared to other business schools. Therefore, the school is strategically positioned to introduce internationally advanced economics and management theories to China, combine the latest business administration concepts and methods with the given local reality and the specific industrial and commercial demands, develop advanced and distinctive management knowledge and methods and cultivate business talents with global vision and competences that fit for local needs. That is what we intend when we describe our mission as focused “to develop new management knowledge and cultivate outstanding talents”.
The Mission is reviewed by the Professors Committee of the School every five years. The Professors Committee is formed by a selected group of faculty members from all the school departments. The Professors Committee will take advices from the faculty, students, alumni and all other stakeholders.

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