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CQU-SMU Global Forum


Chongqing University and Singapore Management University co-sponsored CQU-SMU Global Forum in Chongqing University on March 31st, 2017. The theme was “Next Stage Sino-Singapore Economic Cooperation: Face Global Challenges Together”. It was co-organized by Chongqing University School of Economics and Business Administration, and supported by Office of International Affairs.
     The forum invited Consul General Yan Chengji from Singapore Consulate General in Chengdu, Mr. Jiang Mingli, director of Teaching Affairs Office in Singapore Management University, Mr. Sheng Ming, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Y3 Company, and Han Baochang, Director of China-Singapore Strategic Interconnectivity Project Management Bureau (Chongqing). The forum also invited outstanding scholars from Chongqing University and Singapore Management University, as well as business and government leaders from Chongqing and Singapore. The forum covered keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, and disciplinary meetings etc., sharing unique views and profound discussions on how to enhance bilateral economic and trade cooperation in a global environment full of new challenges and uncertainties. Professor Yang Dan, Executive Vice President of Chongqing University, Professor Wang Xu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Professor Yao Shujie, Deputy Director of Social Science Department, Xu Jun, Office Director of International Affairs, Vice President of School of Economics and Business Administration, Dan Bin, also attended the forum.

On the morning of the day, chaired by Professor Yao Shujie, deputy director of the Social Science Department of Chongqing University, the forum started. First, on behalf of Chongqing University, Yang Dan expressed welcome to all guests, and appreciation on the support from China-Singapore Strategic Interconnectivity Project Management Bureau, corporate participation, and cooperation from the co-sponsor of this forum, Singapore Management University. He said that as a national key university with strong cultural background and distinctive characteristics, Chongqing University was confident that it would play a more active role in the third intergovernmental cooperation project between China and Singapore.

Jiang Lili has reviewed and introduced the cooperation between Chongqing University and Singapore Management University. She mentioned this was the sixth international forum, previously cooperated with Peking University, Fudan University and Sichuan University in China. This time coming to Chongqing University, she hoped that in the future, two schools could carry out more tangible cooperation and exchanges. Later, on behalf of the Singapore Consulate General in Chengdu, Mr. Yan expressed his congratulations on the forum and expressed his willingness to deepen the friendly cooperation between Chongqing and Singapore and contribute to enhancing the friendship between the two countries and people of the two nations. After the speech, on behalf of the two sides, Yang Dan and Jiang Lili signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two schools entering a comprehensive cooperation stage. On behalf of Intelligent Logistics Research Center of Chongqing University, Wang Xu, Urban Computer Engineering Research Center of Singapore, Management University and Singapore Y3 Company signed a tripartite cooperation agreement to jointly set up an integrated laboratory of application, research and development of large logistics data. In the future, the three parties shall expand cooperation regarding scientific research and talent cultivation regarding international logistics, multimodal transport, and urban logistics, so as to make Chongqing a leading city of intelligent large dada technology.

In the subsequent four keynote speeches, on behalf of our school, Professor Zhang Jie first made a speech with the title "Innovation Cycle, Efficiency and Fiscal Policy". Speeches after that were “Participation in One Belt, One Road, Enhancing (Chongqing) Strategic Interconnectivity Demonstration Project "," Singapore Health Care and Retirement Issues of the elderly Population "," Seize business opportunities in a Fast Chang Time " etc.

On the afternoon, during the exciting round-table meetings, Prof. Yao Shujie and Liu Wei discussed how Chongqing and Singapore could play a role of explorer for modern connectivity and service from the perspectives of new economic development status and innovation, a lively interaction followed afterward. And the Forum came to an end in warm atmosphere eventually.
After the Forum, three disciplinary meetings followed, and they were accounting, economics+law, and Information System + social sciences. Prof. Xin Qinquan, Lu Jin Zhang Jingruo from our school joined the Conference on Accounting, Prof. Yao Shujie, Associate Prof. Wang Feng joined Conference on Economics+Law, Prof. Xiao Zhi, Wang Yu and Associate Prof. Zhen Wenjun joined Conference on Information System + Social Sciences. Each conference lasted around one hour. Both Chinese and Singapore sides extensively discussed a wide range of topics covering discipline development, research, and future cooperation.
CQU-SMU Global Forum is a high-end exchange platform with the background of the 3rd Sino-Singapore inter-government cooperation project, and its role in Chinese “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Via this Forum, academic scholars, business and government leaders from both Chongqing and Singapore pool minds together, conduct interaction, jointly contributing to bilateral cooperation and the Project of Chongqing-Singapore Strategic Connectivity.

Attachment: Introduction of Singapore Management University
     Singapore Management University, SMU in short,is one of the 6 public universities in Singapore, and it is a top financial university. Currently there are six public universities in Singapore, namely National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore Science and Technology Design University, Singapore Polytechnic University and Xinyue University. Like the leading universities in the United States, SMU adopts the teaching method of seminars, teaching style of American Ivy League members. That is because SMU has maintained a close cooperation with top two business schools in the United States, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Carnegie Mellon University, a globally famous one for information technology education and research. Established in 2000, SMU is a business administration university of first-class quality. In the UTD rankings of world-renowned business schools, it ranks No. 40 (2016). Its Li Guangqian Business College and College of Economics ranks No. 3 in Asia; Accounting in SMU ranks No.1 in Asia, and No. 3 globally (2016); Master of Wealth Management ranks No.1 in Asia, and No. 3 globally. In the 2015 QS World University Rankings, accounting and finance in SMU ranked world's top 50 (due to the fact SMU belongs to professional higher education, it does not participate in the comprehensive university rankings), listed SMU as one of the top international business schools. In addition, undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the Li Guangqian School of Business and Accounting have been accredited by the International Business School Consortium (AACSB International) and the European Quality Development Accreditation System (EQUIS).



•International Conference on Operation & Supply Chain超链接网址)
•International Symposium on Time - Departure Business Model for Electric Vehicles

     Host: Institute for Sustainable Development, Chongqing University
     Co-organizer: School of Economics and Business Administration, Chongqing University
     State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company
     Changan Automobile Co.,Ltd
     Lifan Industry (Group)Co.,Ltd
     Date: October 21st-23rd, 2016
     The 2016 International Conference on Business Model for Electric Car Sharing will be held in Chongqing University at October 21st-23rd. This event is hosted by CQU Institute for Sustainable Developmentin conjunction with CQU School of Economics and Business Administration, Changan Automobile Co.,Ltd and Lifan Industry (Group)Co.,Ltd. Academic scholars, public officials and business representatives from both China and aboard will be invited to discuss the status quo and prospects of China’s electric car sharing market, so as to provide practical solution to problems that hinder the promotion of electric car sharing in China.
     It is our great pleasure to welcome all of you to this conference. Formal invitation letter will be sent out soon.


Contacts: Miss Xianhua Sun,



The CES 2015 Annual Conference, Chongqing, China

     Address:Chongqing University, China
     In the Context of “New Normal” Theory: Deepen the Comprehensive Reform in China
     The CES 2015 China Conference
     June 13-14, 2015
     Chongqing University, China
     The "new normal" theory elaborated by Chinese President Xi Jinping was one of the hallmarks to be engraved in history by the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Beijing. The Chinese Economists Society (CES) calls for paper submissions for its 2015 CES China Conference, to be held at Chongqing University, June 13-14 (Saturday and Sunday), 2015. The local hosts for the conference are Chongqing University Faculty of Social Sciences and School of Economics and Business Administration.  The theme of the conference is “In the Context of ‘New Normal’ Theory: Deepen the Comprehensive Reform in China”. The conference features some well-known scholars, invited speakers, round table forums, and parallel sessions. Arrival and registration of participants will take place on June 12, 2015, Friday . All speeches and sessions will be held on June 13-14, 2015.
     This conference will promote exchanges of academic ideas related to the Chinese economy.  This conference will also accept theoretical and empirical papers not directly related to the Chinese economy. It also provides an opportunity for Ph.D. students outside of China, who are interested in working in China, to learn about employment opportunities in China. We will invite Chinese universities to recruit at the conference for new faculty and pursue visiting opportunities in China for their faculty members. This conference also invites student participation by offering best paper awards and valuable opportunities for students to network with experienced scholars.

     CES invites both members and non-members to present papers and/or to propose organized sessions at the 2015 China Conference. Non-members are invited to join CES and enjoy a discounted registration rate. All fields of specialization within Economics and Business will be considered, but papers focusing on the Chinese economy will be given priority. The abstract submission deadline is April 15 , 2015.
     Scholars interested in presenting a paper at the conference are asked to submit a paper proposal, which must include a title, abstract of no more than 400 words, and JEL code(s) with keywords. Paper proposals must be submitted via the CES website at You will be notified by e-mail by April 15, 2015, as to whether your proposal has been accepted.

     If you would like to organize one or more sessions on a specific topic and have participants lined up, please send your proposal to An organized session usually includes 3-4 paper presentations and discussants. When you submit your session, please be sure to include the following information: names, affiliation and contact information of the session organizer, and names, affiliation, and contact information for the presenters and discussants. Please note that papers included in the session must still go through the regular paper submission process through the CES website. However, the “Comments” section of the form should make reference to the special session (e.g.  “This paper is part of a special session on Urbanization organized by Prof. So and So”). The submission deadline for proposed organized sessions is also April 15, 2015.

GREGORY CHOW BEST PAPER AWARD and Elsevier Best Paper Award
     We will select an outstanding paper presented at the 2015 CES China conference by a junior scholar for the Gregory Chow Best Paper Award. To be eligible for consideration for this prestigious award, the primary author of the paper must be a graduate student or a junior scholar who received his/her PhD within the last five years. The award winner will receive a certificate and a US $1,000 prize. Persons interested in being considered for the award must provide information confirming eligibility at the time of submission.  The information on another best paper award (Elsevier Best Paper Award) will be announced in the spring of 2015.

     There will be ample opportunities for publications. The CES plans to select a group of high quality papers presented at the conference for inclusion in special issues of two high quality peer review SSCI journals, China Economic Review and Review of Development Economics. Details about these publication opportunities and other opportunities of conference proceeding by the World Scientific Press will be provided later.

     All presenters must register for the Conference. Registration should be made online through the conference website at under “Conferences”.   Limited room subsidies are available upon request to our student members whose papers are accepted and presented to the conference.


     All inquiries should be sent to: chongqing2015@umich.eduor contact (734) 647-9610.

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