Brief Introduction to Professional Mentors

    Overview: Aluminum mentors shall be selected from outstanding schoolmates (Including EMBA, MBA, MPAcc, undergraduate, graduate alumni) and qualified entrepreneurs or government employees who are interested in supporting the development of Chongqing University SEBA by means of two-way selection. Each professional mentor shall guide 3 to 5 outstanding students in career planning, recommend employment and internship opportunities to students, participate in coaching students 'graduation thesis, and attend undergraduate students' thesis defense. SEBA shall regularly organize a variety of exchange activities, such as exchange salons, communication dinners, case study summary reports, summary commendations, etc., to facilitate the exchange between teachers, students and professional tutors, and effectively improve the actual project effect

Operation Mechanism:


Contract for professional mentors shall be 1 year for each session, and excellent mentors can be prioritized in next selection.

2.Organization mechanism

Each mentor guides 3 to 5 students, and three mentors of related discipline can be grouped into one team, that is to say, each mentor and its students conduct activities of their own. Three mentors with 3 to 6 students of related disciplines can form a bigger team, communicating with each other, coordinating activities, or cross-allocating resources. The overall structure shall be composed of kick-off ceremony, process tracking, final evaluation and reward stage. Based on different projects and teams, a variety of activities shall be organized, encouraging students to communicate with mentors, participate in mentored projects, so as to let students learn via practice.

3.Assessment of Each Session

Coordination and Control Team for career development is responsible for coordination, control, and assessment based on quantitative and qualitative assessment for everyone's and each group's participation and achievements. 1) Each participant shall complete a personal career plan prior to the end of each session (professional coach session) 2) Each participant submits a complete internship report. 3) Each participant submits a record of communication with their instructors. At the end of the session,the Aluminum Professional Mentor Steering Group shall evaluate the completion of the previous tasks and select the outstanding groups, excellent instructors, as well as outstanding students.


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