Career Plan

Career planning education
In order to guide students better to choose proper careers, and help them make plans, SEBA provides an optional general course - Career Planning for College Students. Based on career planning theory and mainly aiming at first-year students , this course is to help them establish career planning concept, self-exploration of careers, learning methods of career planning, improve job search competence, stimulate learning initiatives and enthusiasm. Through the combination of theoretical study and classroom activities, the course is to enhance students' understanding of their careers and prepare themselves for employment. The course covers contents like significance of career, significance of career planning, self-exploration of personalities associated with professions (such as the Cattell16PF), interests (such as the Holland test), capability and values; Career-related exploration; ways to understand professional world; basic theory and methods for career planning ; career decision-making and target settings
3.2 Career Planning Center
1. In order to guide and cultivate professional consciousness of the students, SEBA invited Ma Mingyuan, a professional mentor of SEBA, president of Chongqing Textile Industry Association, to revisit the SEBA and had a face-to-face communication with the students.

2. To build an effective platform for mentors and students to communicate, enhance communication and friendship between teachers and students, SEBA has organized outdoor development activities as well as enterprise visiting.

3.3 Graduate Job Search Experience
1. To familiarize students with job-related matters, reduce obstacles, and enhance aluminum friendships, the Aluminum Office, and Professional Mentor Federation initiated visiting aluminum’s enterprises, so as to inspire students

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2. SEBA has built Chongqing Employment Information Website for graduates and developed a career guide column, sharing job experiences of the graduates, as well as job training information to help students get closer to workplace
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