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Campus Medical Service
In order to protect health, safety of faculty and students, to disseminate health knowledge, Chongqing University Hospital has been established to provide the faculty and students with high-quality, low-cost medical services.

Basic Student Medicare
Campus Medicare is composed of University Student Medicare, Commercial Insurance for Students, and Student Medical Assistance.
The amount of annual payment for Medicare depends on economic development and fund status in Chongqing. The freshmen shall pre-pay all premiums, and each year fee deduction shall be based on citizen’s standard annual Medicare premium, undergraduate students RMB 800 per head, graduate students RMB 500 per head.
Medical expenses reimbursement procedure: first reimbursed by the "University Student Medicare", then by the "Commercial Insurance for Students", and finally by the “Student Medical Assistance” according to the provisions of reimbursement, the leftover part shall be paid by students. Each part of the student health care system include partial costs covered by policy holders, and the more complete the Medicare package is, the less the holders have to pay. Central, local government and universities encourage students to participate in "University Student Medicare" as well as "Commercial Insurance for Students", benefiting students and their families as well.

About University Student Medicare
“University Student Medicare" is a government program, of which most payment shall be covered by government and students pay the leftover small part, reflecting government care for university students. All full-time students on campus can participate. Premium standard from 2016 to 2017 is RMB 110 Yuan per head for level one (optional and assumed choice without objection) and RMB 280 Yuan per head for level two.
To get students from low-income households and severely disabled (level one or two) students insured, based on the annual premium, government offers insurance subsidies. Students with financial difficulty shall provide relevant documents, such as copies of Low-Income Certificate and Severe Disability Certificate (level one or two) issued by Civil Affairs Department (with fresh seals by relevant departments). If the above documents belong to parents (except level one and two severe disability) students shall provide valid evidence (such as residence booklet) for parental relations. All above documents should be ready before freshman registration procedure.

Commercial Insurance for Students
“Commercial Insurance for Students” are only for students already insured by “University Student Medicare”, supplementary to the latter, covering accident injuries, death from diseases, hospital treatment and corresponding insurance liabilities. Annual cap for highest claim settlement shall be RMB 40,000 Yuan. Students participating in “Commercial Insurance for Students” shall pay all premiums at once during freshman registration.

Student Medical Assistance
Student Medical Assistance is funded by Chongqing University and its calculation is based on Measures for Implementation of Medical Management in Chongqing University. Depending on status of students’ participation in “University Student Medicare”, different outpatient reimbursement amount (see Table 1), inpatient reimbursement ratio as well as amount are set correspondingly. (See Table 2)

Procedure for Participation in Medicare, Medical Examination Payment
1. Log on to the system with either ID number or student number via PC or mobile phone. Initial password is the last 6 numbers of ID (no change for letters)
2. Fill out “Health Record” as per instructions, then move to next step
3. After payment please wait 5-10 minutes for confirmation to avoid repeating payment
4. The system shall assume level one (level two is optional) for Urban Resident Cooperation Medicare
5. For students from low-income households, or crippled students, they can submit relevant document evidence to Medicare Office of Campus Hospital for verification and documentation. Partial reduction for medical costs shall be offered after the procedure.
6. All premiums shall be pre-paid at once during registration. Due to different annual premiums, the principle is to return the overcharge and demand payment of the shortage. Deduction standard is as per Medicare Funding Standard for Chongqing Urban & Rural Residents
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Emergency number:Campus A:65100120 Campus B:65120120
Campus C:65118120 Huxi Campus:65678120

Digital library
Library is a necessity for universities and students. SEBA has set up Campus B Library of Economics and Management, to provide students with specific and convenient service for their study. If students need more extensive reading, they can study at libraries in different campuses or visit online libraries.
Library of Chongqing University
Tele: 023-65102601

Colorful activities
In addition to learning, there are a variety of colorful activities for campus life, spring sports meeting, campus singing contest and other cultural activities are organized one after another; activities like essay-writing, speech and knowledge contest as well as other literary activities broaden students’ horizon. SEBA provides students with a good platform to organize their own activities so as to achieve diversification of talent cultivation, show SEBA glamour, allowing students to enjoy study and recreation life.

Activity Organization Procedure

To organize an event, first a plan shall be submitted to SEBA and the University for review. After approval, tasks shall be allocated to relevant organizers for preliminary preparation, including material procurement, site application (students submit application. Counselors audit and sign the application, then organizers shall finish the leftover procedures at Self-service Center), and then online and offline advertisement for publicity. Activity operation shall be in order to ensure smooth progress. Information collection of the activities and emergency plan are necessary. After the event, the venue shall be cleaned and event summaries are required.

Social practice
Practice for Public welfare
SEBA encourages students to participate in practice for public welfare, guides students to innovate operation model for public welfare, to advance with the times, and to contribute to the society. Through the classroom and extracurricular education, the ideological quality of students is deepened.
Relevant public welfare associations such as the Youth Volunteers Association are set up in SEBA, and students are regularly organized to carry out social welfare services.


Experience-style Practice
SEBA encourages students to take part in experiential practice, such as part-time activities, part-time work, graduate student facilitator program etc. to foster their independence, and get them adapted to social life.
SEBA supports enterprise internships, advocates innovation, business start-up, and establishes practice bases.

Specific Vacation Practice Events
Via campus website, SEBA releases specific practice events in vacations, and students can choose interesting projects to gain experience, train themselves, effectively arrange vacation time, and improve competence.
In response to vacation internship policy from the University, SEBA encourages students to serve the poverty-stricken areas, contributing to the society.

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